Friday, July 15, 2011

So, this morning started out like any other morning.  Baby wakes up early (like before the sun) to eat and daddy feeds her.  I get to sleep in because I work outside of the house and Andy is at home with the kids. 

Anyway, I am fast asleep and I hear "OH MY GOD!" and then crying.  Panic sets in as I jump out of bed to figure out what happened.  I turn around to find Andy holding Hailey who is crying.  He screams, "I fell asleep with her on my chest and she just fell off the bed!"

Hailey stops crying after about 3 seconds but Andy, who has the closest, most connected bond with her does not.  I am now not consoling my baby girl, but her daddy.  So in order to make him feel better, I start listing all of the things that I have done since we first had children.
  1. The time the iron burnt Caleb's ear when he was a week old
  2. When I was getting laundry and Caleb rolled off the couch
  3. When I was playing with the dogs and one of them knocked Shea to the floor and she hit her head
  4. When I was clipping Shea's nails for the first time and cut her skin instead
  5. When I poked Hailey in the face and scratched the bridge of her nose
Then I though, "shit, I should just stop trying to make him feel better because, honestly, it is making me feel like garbage."  So now he feels terrible and so do I.  Yikes! 

Within a minute, Hailey was fine and smiling away wondering why we were up so early in the morning.  I checked her all over, no bumps, bruises, broken bones, she's good to go to sleep again (and so was mommy).

Lesson in all of this, stuff happens and if we live through it, it was not that bad.


  1. Aw, that's rough. But you had the right idea. We've all done something.


  2. Hello, I found your blog through Baby Center. My blog is I loved reading this post. Don't feel like garbage, I am sure we have all done stuff we didn't mean to do to our little ones. I cant tell ya how many times I've hit his head on the car putting him in his car seat. :)